Changing Chemistry Curricula

We want to hear from YOU! Charlie Simms and Yvonne Anderson, who are University of Edinburgh Chemistry students working on this project, have set up a survey to work out who you would like to see in the curriculum. Who do you think is missing?

Tell us every missing woman scientist who you think should be in the chemistry curricula via this survey and please share as widely as possible.

You might want to know what we intend to do with all of this information? Excellent question which we are very happy to answer. The first part of the plan is to convert as many suggestions as possible into resources for teachers, We want to make sure there is minimal work to help them easily slot these brilliant women scientists into their class plan so we specifically ask where the scientist will fit into the broad categories we have identified for the curricula.

The second part of the plan is that we intend to collate all of these suggestions and to send them to UK and Irish curricula writers and textbook writers to lobby them for serious change. We will present this list together with our results of the current state of play in textbooks (more on that to come in future months). This is why it is so important for us to hear your voices as we want to make sure we don’t miss anyone out.

Let’s change how future generations of scientists answer the question: ‘What scientists do you know?